June Rally – Bluffton, AB

What a wonderful rally! About 21 rigs convened on Bluffton for our annual June gathering. Heavy rain greeted the early birds who arrived on Sunday, June 10 but by Monday skies had cleared and the rest of the week, except for Thursday night, saw mainly sunny weather.

Our hosts — Elaine & Gord McK, Terri McK, Carol, and Eva and Henry — provided 5 days of fun and great memories. They treated us to a wonderful dinner on Monday. That evening we practiced songs for our performance at Rimbey’s Parkland Manor the next day. The seniors were so grateful to us for the songs we sang. Many of them joined in.

We had a session on RV insurance one day — the speaker had excellent suggestions on how to work our way through the maze of “coverages” provided by various companies. Some folks tried out the nearby golf course and most of the women made at least one trip to the Bluffton Boutique. What a wonderful store!

Oh, yes. The baseball game. The gals lost. Again. But! We sure surprised the fellows at hitchup breakfast. The hosts thought it would be nice, in honour of Father’s Day, to cook breakfast for the men for a one-time change. The women rose to the challenge.

The men were more than a little surprised at our efforts. They were greeted to the smell of burning food. (An accident in the oven, but it added a nice touch.) Then, one by one, the men were led into the hall. Marian “flashed” each man as he came through the door. He then received a boutonniere — he had the choice of having it “pinned” to his shirt with a staple gun or duct tape. There was another step in the “procedure” but ya had to be there to appreciate it.

Finally, the poor guy was led into the dining room, where a piece of dried toast with a peanut on top waited for him. We did have a full breakfast waiting in the wings so they were all well fed in the end. Yes, we know there’ll be payback, but we couldn’t resist. Besides, it was a fair trade-off for letting them win at baseball. 😉

What’s next? Join us for lunch in July and then it’s on to the August rally in Torrington, AB.


3 thoughts on “June Rally – Bluffton, AB

  1. I am a new Roadtrek owner and live in Edmonton. I look forward to joining all of you sometime in the future. Looks like you had a great time together! Barb Schweger (2002 Dodge 170P).

    • Hi Barb. Thanks for dropping by. You’ll find all our activities listed in Upcoming Events. Perhaps you can join us for lunch in July? Hope to meet you soon.

      • I had hoped to join you in July, but I had been in the US and was a little slower driving back than I had expected. No problems, just lingered at Margaret Laurence’s house in Neepawa, Manitoba, at the Easter egg in Vegreville, and then doing some hobby-type photography of Canola fields here and there. I do look forward to meeting all of you, maybe in August, maybe in September. Barb F.S.

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