August Rally — Carol D

We live in a beautiful province! The roads to Torrington pass through lovely scenery and the sun shone down on us as we arrived on Monday to find our hosts well organized and ready for a great week.

Our “wagons” formed a big circle — just like the days of yore! The hall was welcoming with sunflowers for decorations. Great to see all our friends again and catch up on everyone’s summer activities.

Monday evening saw us feasting on a lovely catered dinner of great Alberta Beef with all the trimmings thanks to the kinds contribution from Roger in Barbara’s memory. What a nice tribute. A rousing game of Canadian Salad followed for some with fireside chats for others.

Tuesday a bit of “weather” blew through but it did nothing to dampen our spirits — maybe our shoulders but not our spirits! Visits to the famous Gopher Museum were enjoyed. Many of our ladies got busy sewing “little dresses for Africa” — great job. Crafts were also being done by others. A new activity called “RV Showcase” allowed us to tour the RVs of folks who had done impressive modifications to their homes on wheels. The day ended with a fantastic potluck dinner, enjoyed by all — and followed by a move (“RV”) and popcorn.

Wednesday showcased the now infamous “ball game” and we won’t evenmention who won but the “toe over the line police” had to be called in a number of times.

The annual meeting was held in the afternoon. Ann H is the new treasurer and Bill D returns as president. Many thanks to all who served us.

Dinner time saw us enjoying another pot luck of hearty snacks. My but we do enjoy the food. Card bingo followed.

Thursday too us to Olds College for a great walking tour. Many of us were amazed at all the courses being offered at the college and the great facilities they have that are open to the public as well. Visits to local restaurants and shops as well as the Farmers’ Market were enjoyed by many of us before a return to camp. Cards and fireside filled in the evening hours.

As always Friday morning arrives too soon but the guys put on a great hitchup breakfast before cleanup and goodbyes were said again.

We were pleased to welcome new Chapter members Susan & Reiner.



4 thoughts on “August Rally — Carol D

  1. Carol, what a great post, most descriptive!
    Sharon & I are just catching up here, after some time away!
    Keep up the great work!

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