August Rally in Pictures — Monday

Many thanks to Carol who wrote her first entry for the blog — a great summary of the Torrington Rally. Hope to see more posts from her.

Here’s some of what unfolded on the first day of the rally.

Marian brought a huge bucket of sunflowers from her friend Malora. They really brightened up the hall.

Fay & Marian made centre pieces for all the tables.

The host team — Mel & Ann, Fay & John, Marian & Byrant, Gerry and I — chose to go with a catered host dinner prepared by some of the women in Torrington. It was a busy morning and since not all the community women couldn’t arrive early, guess who pitched in with their potato peelers?

It was good to see Doug and Old Grey at the Rally. Jean was certainly in our thoughts.

Monday afternoon there was lots of visiting as we caught up on each other’s travels.

Mel and his furry friend welcomed everyone to the rally at the first happy hour. He (the furry friend, not Mel) actually sang and danced. What a talent!

We had two adoptions at the rally — Mary-Ann & John adopted Susan & Reiner. They had such a good time they decided to join the Chapter. Welcome aboard.!

Arlene & Gerald adopted new members Beth & Stan.

We have some very talented members — John W hooked this beautiful wall hanging and donated it to the Chapter. Thanks, John, for all that work.

Several members also donated items to the handmade raffle we held. Gerald donated another one of his famous birdhouses.

Sheila made this beautiful jewelry case. It folds up into an upright “container” with a lid. What a clever idea. I wonder if this will show up as a craft at a future rally?

No surprise that some of us ended the first day with a card game. 🙂

What happened on Tuesday? More will be revealed. 🙂


5 thoughts on “August Rally in Pictures — Monday

  1. Great pictures Sally! Wish we could have been there, but I don’t think our son would have understood (Rally or wedding) so we decided we would wait for the next lunch date! It was nice seeing Doug in the pictures!!
    Dianna & Pat & Gizmo

  2. Sally, coverage like a world news correspondent. Thank you
    There is another whole career in the making here!
    Cairo, Kabul,Sudan,Greece, you could be very busy! Airplanes await!

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