August Rally in Pictures — Wednesday

Another busy day. And of course no Chapter 44 Rally would be complete without the Baseball Game. The women were primed.

Of course, so were the men. The sides were pretty well matched, though the women seemed to have the men on the run during the early innings. Sadly, I have to report that all did not go as planned in Mudville that day but it was one of the closest games in recent history.

We had another presentation by the representatives from RV Direct, this time on out-of-country medical insurance. Some good tips to think about when searching for coverage.

RV Showcase proved to be a popular activity. Several members opened their rigs to show some of the modifications they’d done. Don demonstrated how he and Nancy make use of all the space in their rig.

It was a lovely evening and several people sat around the fire.

While some enjoyed the fire others got warmed up from all the excitement at the card tables — eight rousing games of Card Bingo.

And so another day over. Thursday would bring some new events. Stay tuned …


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