August Rally in Pictures — Thursday

Thursday started with another jaunt around town for the early risers and breakfast in the hall. The women were back on their sewing machines too, making more dresses.

The afternoon saw most of us heading over to Olds College for a tour of the facility. It’s an amazing campus. It celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2013 so there’s lots of renovations and improvements underway.

As there were so many of us we broke up into two groups, each with our own tour guide.

Olds College prides itself on offering a different view of many things — including the world. How about this map! It really does turn things around.

One of the newer developments on the campus is the Botanic Gardens and Treatment Wetlands. The Wetlands are an innovative research area to study many aspects of water, including grey water and contaminated spills.

Thursday evening winners were picked for the handmade raffle items. John modelled Judy W’s hairpin lace afghan. She has offered to teach this at next year’s June rally — Gerald and Tony have offered to make some looms over the winter. Way to go, guys!

The door prize was the last one awarded — Bob, you lucky devil, you won a real beaut. Maybe you can recycle it to some other lucky person at the next rally. 🙂

And so, as the sun sets on our happy campers, another day in Torrington draws to a close. Tomorrow will bring … well, that’s for another day.


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