August Rally in Pictures — Friday

And then there were none. Days, that is. A fun week drew to a close with our traditional hitchup breakfast. Mel, our maitre d’uckbill, awaited the ladies as they arrived. John B presented each of us with a carnation and the oh-so-delightful wait staff guided us to our tables. (Click on the photos for a larger image.)

The kitchen staff were right on top of things — John V and Merle made up the pancake mix.

Tony and Gerry put their culinary skills to work and turned out perfect pancakes.

Doug supervised the loading up and passing of plates to the wait staff.

Once everyone had their fill, cleanup began. And of course that involves auctioning off leftover food items. Hoppy conducted his Auctioneer duties with a flair. And I do believe he actually had spouses bidding against each other at one point. What a guy!

And so, Dear Reader, we come to the end of our week in Torrington. But the fun continues. Hope to see many of you at our Mesa Rally in March. And don’t forget the lunches in September and October. Oh, dear, more food. Whatever will we do? I guess there’s nothing for it but to Enjoy! 🙂


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