SNOWbird season is here

Well they did warn us that snow was on the way. And come it did.

Our “snow” gauge isn’t quite accurate — we only had three inches on the deck this morning. (Click on the pic for a larger view.)

There’s still a lot of heat in the roads so they were clear. And lots of golden leaves left on the poplars.

September was so wonderful — day after day of unseasonably good weather and clear skies. We still had quite a few flowers blooming in the yard but methinks that has come to a chilly end.

For several days we’ve had ruffed grouse in the mountain ash tree picking berries. I watched two of them yesterday trying to get the last few clumps that were waaaayyyy out at the end of some very thin branches. They eventually gave up.

So snowbird season has begun. What are your plans for the winter?


10 thoughts on “SNOWbird season is here

  1. We are out of here on Tuesday as well, may be travelling with Brian and Wendy. We will spend a few days in Nevada to do some geocaching and will watch the temperatures in Yuma before heading there. Yuma is still near 100 degrees. SAFE travels everyone!

  2. So beautiful until you have to shovel! Hoping to head out end Of Oct entering US mid Nov. RV in having a few upgrades done on it. Great weather here 22 yesterday. Still mowing lawn and leaves very colorful. No snow “yet”!

  3. Great pics, Sally! Chilling but telling the story. Will be “enjoying” winter here this year. First time in about 23 years.
    Give me a phone call when you are in the area. Not sure I will be in Ft. M as I have been working on the fence in Lethbridge. but I would like to see you and we should be able to arrange a time and place. If not – have a stress free trip.

    • We hope your winter goes well, Doug. Sounds like you’ve moved from landscaper to fence builder! I bet the yard looks lovely. Our plans are still in flux as we await to see what the weather will be around our departure date — will see how it goes. 🙂

  4. We are out of here on Tue. on the way to High River via Vulcan, then to Estevan for the small engine show. Will not leave Canada until Oct 26 so may have to endure some of the white stuff. Verle & Curtis

  5. There’s lots of snow starting to build in the mountains around Banff. A little coming back to Calgary yesterday and a few flurries in the south end this morning. Hopefully we’ll still get some “Indian summer”. Take care on your travels south and hopefully we’ll see you sometime.

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