We’ve been enjoying a week of down-time in Pahrump, Nevada, doin’ not much of anything. And enjoying it immensely.

We took a trip out to Tecopa Hot Springs the other day and of course couldn’t pass up a visit to China Ranch Date Farm. Got my annual fix of 15 pounds of fresh dates.

And of course a trip to China Ranch wouldn’t be complete without one of their famous date shakes!

We also drove over to Shoshone. Talk about sticker shock. Check out the fuel prices. Luckily we found diesel at $3.98 at Maverik’s in Pahrump.

And speaking of Pahrump, we bumped into Dottie B coming out of Walmart earlier this week. Yesterday George and Jeanette arrived in the park along with a couple who’d been with us all on the Chapter 8 trip to Mexico City some years ago. George & Jeanette took us out to dinner at the Golden Nugget last night. Oooo, so much food, so little time.

Roger and Liz are still in Idaho, waiting on some mail but will also be heading to Death Valley in the next couple of days.

I heard from Gary & Pam this morning: “Hurricane Sandy due to come to Atlantic coast.  Departing NS for New Brunswick tomorrow with plans to head to Florida till end of Dec.  Something about the desert and all that space is drawing us westward to familiar places & faces.  QTZ our 1st new year destination.  Gary is up for hiking  Enjoy the “November Outing”. Sorry too much snow in AB for us!  (14 here today).”

So. What are your plans for the winter? Drop me a line and I’ll post your news here.


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