Death Valley

Well, here we are, back in Death Valley. It’s been three years since we were last in the Big Ditch and we’re glad to be back.

It’s one of our favourite places — the colours, the topography, the amazing vistas. And of course, the great hiking.

Entrance to Sunset and Texas Springs campgrounds.

There were about 100 rigs in Sunset campground when we arrived yesterday at 10 AM. We’re camped up in Texas Springs (only tenters and non-generator users). Only about 5 RVers up here so far and a surprising number of tents. It’s heaven. 🙂

And just how hot did it get yesterday? We drove down to the Visitor Center to get our park passes and pay for camping. They’ve got a big thermometer outside that gives you the answer.

This will be a special Encampment as the park is celebrating the grand opening of its newly renovated Visitor Center. We only took a quick look yesterday but they have some wonderful new exhibits.

And some new t-shirts!

We hiked down to Sunset this morning and who did we meet? Dottie & Schatz out for a walk as well.

Took a stroll through the date grove — lovely light and cool air.

And if you thought the fuel prices at Shoshone, CA were bad, take at look at what they’re charging in Furnace Creek. Whoo-hoo!

SKP friends Cal & Nancy are arriving tomorrow. George & Jeanette (Chapter 44) will be arriving later in the week.  It’s gonna be a good time in the valley. Let us know if you’re heading this way.


2 thoughts on “Death Valley

  1. Great update Sally. And really enjoyed the pictures but my computer wouldn’t show the numbers on the thermometer. I think Gerry’s arm was in the road. Oh we’ll, we probably didn’t want to see it any way. Just to make you feel good we got all the way upto -2 in Calgary. Feel better now. Hugs, John and Judi

    • Hi John … how does 92F sound? Whew, but it was hot. (Maybe try clicking on the photo and check out the larger size?). What’s the weather like back home?

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