Hiking Death Valley

It’s been a great week in Death Valley. Daytime weather has been in the high 80s to low 90s and at night it seldom goes below the mid 60s. Even Alberta summers would be hard-pressed to beat that!

Gerry & I have been hiking every day. We usually get up before sunrise, just as the first light hits the sky and are out the door soon after.

(The following pics are in Gallery mode. Click on one picture to start the slide show. There is an explanation below each photo caption — if you can’t see it just scroll down on your screen. When you’re finished viewing just click the “X” in the upper corner of your screen — it’s in the left corner on mine — and you’ll return to the main page. You can leave a comment under any of the pictures. Scroll down and the Comment box will appear.)

Ch 44 members Nancy & Steve O’B are hosting the Christian Fellowship BOF down in Sunset Campground. Ch 44 members, Liz & Roger, will be VCRs for a group of Escapees at the Encampment. I heard from them this morning — they spent last night in Pendleton and will be arriving in Death Valley on Monday


One thought on “Hiking Death Valley

  1. Much better than Alberta today. We just got off the cruise ship this am and are now back in our wheeled home in Yuma. It isn’t rolling with thw waves even though it is very windy today. Verle & Curtis

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