RV Trials & Tribulations — John & Mary-Ann

Most of you will know that Mary-Ann had to have surgery on her foot in early Oct. and would be laid up for some time. That’s why we couldn’t attend the lunch we organised at High River on Oct. 10. We anticipated, however that we would head south in mid Dec. and had our site booked at “The Resort” in Mesa, AZ. WRONG!!

In anticipation of being housebound from early Oct. until Dec., we took a lovely holiday in Cancun at a timeshare we have there. Not too much walking around, of course, but a very nice holiday, until…

While catching up on email/banking, etc. I thought I would see what was new in Okotoks. Much to my dismay, I discovered that the old seed cleaning plant (think prairie elevator) had burned to the ground on Sunday night, Sept. 16. What worried me is that we had our fiver in for maintenance across the street at Crazy Horse Trailer Sales and Mike parks trailers he’s not currently working on right beside the seed plant.

Sure enough, our trailer was the second closest to the seed plant. Mike was there almost as quickly as the fire dept. and towed the trailers away from the blaze, but one side plus the roof was basically melted.

As soon as we got home from vacation, we went down to take a look and talked with Mike about the possibility of repairing the damage. The inside was not seemingly affected and all our stuff was okay. Mike assured us that it could be repaired and we notified our insurance agent to open a claim for the damage. We are insured with Aviva Elite Co. and we got a call from them two days later saying that the adjuster would examine the trailer and advise regarding repairs. Our policy is guaranteed replacement so we took comfort in that.

A few days later we got a call from the adjuster who asked a number of questions about our 2003 Glendale Titanium 25D31 fifth wheel trailer, wanting to know more about the features of the trailer and any extras we had purchased for it (solar panels, inverter, undercoating, etc.) He told us that repairs of the sort we needed were often unsuccessful in returning the trailer to tiptop condition and he was leaning toward writing the trailer off.

A couple of weeks later we got another call from the insurance co. and sure enough, they decided the unit was a write-off. Because of our guaranteed replacement policy, she told us that Aviva Elite would buy us a new equivalent trailer and we had six months to settle the claim.

We are still waiting on the paperwork and everyone knows that the devil is in the details, so our fingers are crossed. By the way, Mike still insists that the trailer is repairable. The cash value of the trailer is low, but would likely cover repairs with something left over and the salvage value is next to nothing. So we could take the cash, minus the salvage value and have the trailer repaired, with some cash left over. We really like our trailer, but we would still have a nine year old trailer compared with a new trailer if we just go out and buy one through the insurance company.

A major concern is, what is an equivalent trailer? Glendale went out of business a few years ago, so we can’t just buy a new Titanium. Our trailer is 32′ long and has two slides. Can we buy a 34′ unit with three slides if the price is about the same as we paid? It looks like prices are down with the recession. What brands are considered “equivalent”?

Lots to think about and much research to do. I will post an update when we are further along in the process, but at this point I am just so glad that we bought the guaranteed replacement version of insurance so we have options.


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