Hola from Bucerias — Bill & Sharon

We are finally here in Bucerias, and by the sound of things we just “got out of Dodge” in the nick of time!

Cappy handled her first kennelling and first flight like a trooper and after a skittish first few days is settling in just fine. She loves the beach!

We are settling in nicely also and starting to develop a daily routine. Big changes for us without our house with us! We took about 180 pounds of stuff we likely won’t need, although my chef knives and cast iron wok will be a blessing from what is here.

Our apartment is small and very “Mexican” in decor, and is located in the heart of downtown, and close enough to the beach to hear the surf constantly pounding in. There are many noises to get used to after our summer in a rural setting outside Okotoks. It is early season, so many of the Apt. building regulars are not here yet. In full season there will be many gatherings on the roof top patio, much the same as RV happy hours everywhere.

The largest tree in town is our next door neighbor, where a fishermen camp exists, and we watch them preparing their daily catch for market and try to decide what they are. After the catch is handled, they pretty much sit around, playing dominos and drinking beer! Nice life!

The tree dwarfs even our Apartment building and provides much appreciated west shade as well as a home to many varieties of birds.

We have braved the local transit buses several times now and are still in one piece, although you have to be quickly seated!

We are walkable to fish and vegetable vendors a meat market, drug store, doctor and dollar store (although here they are 25 peso stores). The Mega store (like a Co-op) is a 6-peso bus ride away and there is a Sam’s Club opening in December. It seems there are thousands of restaurants although it likely is more like hundreds! One of them occupies the lower floor of our building and is quite delightful! One of the young waiters (Bernardo) has taken to carrying up our groceries, beer and large H2O bottles, for a small tip of course!

We immediately started Spanish lessons (twice a week for 8 weeks), and is this old brain is in for a rude shock or what! Although there is a lot of English spoken, by both Mexican and Gringo residents, it is a huge bonus to at least attempt local communication.

It is now time to sit back, enjoy and watch the winter here unfold in whatever pattern it decides to weave!

Life is good!



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