Downsizing — Larry & Sheila

On our way south, Sheila and I decided to make a few changes to our lifestyle.

We have a home in Cowley, 3 trailers, a truck and 3 Jeeps —  time to down size. We had our 5th wheel trailer, cargo trailer and Jeep all registered in Arizona. We thought that if anything happened to either of us or both of us and we were not able to come south, someone would have to come and clean up all this mess.

Besides the vehicles we also have 20 years of STUFF stored in the 5th wheel and cargo trailer. Our son is not able to come as he is disabled and our daughter that lives in Pincher Creek is the breadwinner as her husband is also disabled. Our second daughter lives in Whitehorse and that is along ways away.

We decided to sell the 5th wheel and Jeep and move into our 19 foot Trail Cruiser for the winter. We managed to sell both units two days after the notice went on the board. We emptied out the 5th wheel and that filled the cargo trailer. 37 ft-19 ft = Large Yard Sale.

Once we get back to Alberta we will sell the truck and trailer and buy a motorhome and tow our white Jeep. This will give us a better chance to do some travelling instead of just coming back to Senator’s Wash.




1 thought on “Downsizing — Larry & Sheila

  1. Wow, that is a change! We hope you are enjoying your time at Herman’s Horse Path though. You guys are going to be missed if you move on. We hope we can see you when you return in the spring.

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