Thanksgiving in Pahrump — Dave & Gloria

We are in Pahrump at the SKP Park, having been here 2 days now. Nice to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces and just starting to get things sorted out after leaving.

Had some minor technical problems on the way down. We didn’t even make it to the border when I stated getting a”check engine” light. After previous problems with my Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily) 6.0, I am particularly sensitive to anything amiss. We stayed an extra day in Helena and the Ford dealer determined it was only the trip computer being tricked by my auxiliary fuel tank, constantly filling the main (which it has never done before in 3 years of doing the same thing). A cheap fix and I learned something new,

Now I might have a plumbing leak in the trailer caused by the cold snap before we left. I blew out the lines before we left but it might not have been good enough.

We boondocked at Cactus Pete’s in Jackpot. I would highly recommend the buffet in the Casino (excellent food and no lineup).

We like being here over Thanksgiving so will stay for a week and then head for Laughlin for a few days. Then we are off to Palm Springs for Christmas as our kids are flying down for the holiday. Then it’s down to Mexico for a couple of months.

Did you notice that the field behind the bar in Ely appears to be under construction and fenced off? We weren’t ready to stop there that day so just drove on by anyway.

Now tell Gerry to wipe that grin off his face when I talk about my Ford. I’m just a slow learner!

Take care and stay in touch.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Pahrump — Dave & Gloria

  1. Hi you two, sorry about the truck problem and the leak, just part of the lifestyle! Our Ford has been problem-free for over 100k clicks so hang in there, we definitley do NOT want Gerry grinning!!!
    We will look forward to seeing you here if the mood strikes you. We have not seen them, however people say the 2 parks here in Bucerias are good!
    Hasta luego
    Life is good!
    Bill & Sharon

  2. Will be in Pahrump at Preferred RV for Thanksgiving, then headed over to Tecopa for a week on Dec 1. After a good soaking will be back at Preferred for another 10 days before heading to Palm Springs for Chirstmas with my son. Maybe we could get together for Happy Hour one day.

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