Revolution Day — Bill & Sharon

Tuesday Nov. 20th is Revolution Day in Mexico and they celebrate with parades, festivals and of course, as always, fireworks.

No different here in Bucerias and the parade just happened to go right down our street, so about a dozen of us gathered for breakfast downstairs at Los Pericos and awaited the festivities. The parade is a mixture of young and old, many in period costumes, all having great fun!

It lasted about 3 hours, although if you subtracted the many gaps (some 5 minutes or so), it was probably an hour’s worth of parade. It all ended with the proud cowboys (charros) on their elegant horses.

For our history buffs (and who isn’t?), the Cole’s Notes version of the revolution, goes something like this:

Presidente Porfirio Diaz ruled Mexico as a military dictator for about 35 years prior to 1910.

In 1908 he was interviewed by a reporter from the USA where he mentioned that he thought Mexico might be ready for democracy soon.

A reformer named Francisco Ignacio Madero took Diaz at his word and ran a campaign against him. He and about 6000 of his supporters were immediatly jailed until after the election when Diaz declared his opponent had not received many votes so Diaz was again President.

Madero fled to San Antonio TX where he wrote a document published in Mexican newspapers urging all the Mexican people to rise up against the dictator and gain their freedom and democracy. The date he picked was Nov 20 1910 at 6:00 PM, 45 days after the published document. The date was actually a misfire!

He was to meet his cousin Catauno and 400 recruits at the Mexican border that day to begin the fight for independence.

His cousin actually showed up late with just 10 men so they discreetly postponed commencement of the initial battle. They did gain strength however with supporters like Emiliano Zapata in the south and a bandido named Pancho Villa in the north.

Ten years of struggle and civil war followed with many coups and assasinations that finally ended with the ascension to the Presidency of Alvaro Obregon in 1920!

There you have it!


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