Winter Wonderland — Gerald & Arlene and John & Judi

Four of our intrepid reporters have remained in Alberta to cover the scene for those of us forced to spend winter in the southlands.

Winter wonderland in Calgary Dec. 3 2012, after 4 days of fog and snow.

Just letting you down south know what a beautiful scene this is.

Hugs Gerald & Arlene

I don’t want to generate a stampede at the border with all the snowbirds coming back to witness this beautiful Alberta winter, but thought I’d send these to you anyway.

We have had a lot of fog lately creating the winter wonderland you see in the pictures. The sun finally broke out this morning and voila!

The weather forecast is rather nice for the next few days but after that we’re back in the deep freeze.

All is well here. Getting into the Christmas spirit and finished our decorating yesterday. Gerald & Arlene were here for HH; they got their tree up as well.

Best wishes to all and watch out for sunburn. (And no weather forecasts for Ajo, please!)

Hugs, John and  Judi

So I shouldn’t mention it will be 84F in Ajo tomorrow? (But partly cloudy, so it ain’t quite perfect.)


1 thought on “Winter Wonderland — Gerald & Arlene and John & Judi

  1. Wonderful photos, and we do miss it a wee tiny bit (or not at all)!!!
    We are on the “C” scale here in Bucerias and it just refuses to go below 30 daytime highs, above normal for this time of year….damn!!!

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