Afghans Galore!

Several years ago Arlene made a simple request. She wondered if there were any other Chapter 44 members who’d be interested in crocheting squares to be turned into afghans for charity. A surprising number of women said yes, and soon the squares began to mount up.

At the next rally many busy hands began turning those squares into finished afghans. The scene was repeated at each rally after that.

Marlene, Arlene & Sharon

Arlene recently stitched the last squares and donated the final items — 7 adult and 2 children’s afghans, 1 handmade quilt and several baby hats — to the Jesus Loves You Society in Calgary, AB.

Those items bring the overall total to 66 adult afghans, 68 children’s afghans and 112 baby hats. Amazing!

Arlene recently received this letter from Daniel Schuster, Director of the Jesus Loves You Society.

Dear Alberta Roamers

What a wonderful surprise! Thank you once again for the beautiful afghans that you have made for our moms. Just to let you know, we have put them out in our gift room. The gift room is for children to come and choose a gift for their mom for Christmas which volunteers then wrap and the children are able to take the gift home and put it under the tree for their mom. There are no afghans left. Just shows you how much they are enjoyed by moms and kids alike. Thank You!!

Thank you so much for these thoughtful and tangible gifts.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year.


Arlene, thank you again for the suggesting such a worthwhile project for the Chapter. Thanks, too, to the many women who donated time and supplies. You’ve brought happiness and hope to many.


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