Happy Hour in Quartzsite

Don’t know where you’ve been recently but if you were anywhere in the southwestern states, it was dang cold! I’m talking ice on the windshield, frozen birdbaths, iced up water fountains, longjohns, mitts, toques, down jackets and hot water bottles. There’s definitely something wrong when the temperatures in Alberta and Arizona are the same. 🙂

Luckily the weather began to ease somewhat for the first day of the annual Escapees Happy Hour in Quartzsite. Many thanks to Susie & Denny Orr for organizing this wonderful get-together.

Sorry we didn’t catch other Ch 44 folks who showed up on Thursday. Glad to hear that Terry S made it safely south through the snow. He was busy checking out rocks and gems on Wednesday so we didn’t get to see him. Also saw Dottie B but didn’t get a pic.

What are the rest of you folks doing? Drop a line and let us know how your winter is going?


4 thoughts on “Happy Hour in Quartzsite

  1. We’re glad the event was such a success, and we do feel for your cold weather (just a tiny bit!). Things are cooling off here in Bucerias too, night time lows down to 18/19C. It warms up real nice during the day though!
    Everyone enjoy, where ever you are, even if your on the way to “elsewhere”!
    Sharon & Bill

  2. Great to see everyone & hear about QTZ this year. By the sounds of weather, we picked a good year to do Florida. However, we are missing seeing everyone & Escape events Park life is active but we are missing AZ . The bike trails and golf keep us active. Planning to see you all next year

  3. Thought I was the only Albertan there until I saw Barb, then Sally and Jerry and Larry and Shiela and others soon materialized. Well as weathered Albertans we made it through the cold spell, but it was a mite chilly for a while. I am camped out with the Solos on Plomosa Road and not sure which road I will take out of here. See you at Usery Park in March!!!

  4. Do not worry. Alberta is back to “normal”. A bit of a blizzard and snow most of yesterday. Cold today. We head back to Yuma on Jan 30 with mixed emotions. Probably time for a change. Hugs Verle & Curtis

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