Celebrity Sighting in Mazatlan — Dave & Gloria

We have been slowly working our way south, hoping for warmer weather and our prayers have finally been answered! We have been in Mazatlan at San Bartolo RV Park for several days and have been enjoying temps well into the 30’s C.

We spent Christmas in the Palm Springs area and both of our grown children were able to join us for the second year in a row. We then hooked up with several other RVers who we met over the internet in Nogales to travel into Mexico and came and went with the group at various points. This group is now in PV while we have elected to spend more time here.

Yesterday morning we went for a walk with Maggie our yellow lab and broke for coffee overlooking the El Cid Marina. After, we decided to stroll along the walkway hoping to end up on the beach leading back to the park. Well, there was no access point leading to the beach so I suggested walking with Maggie through the lobby of the El Cid and out to the street. Gloria was aghast that I would suggest such a thing and said she would follow us at a safe distance in anticipation of our being ejected from the hotel.

As Maggie and I approached the entrance, a man came out of the hotel towards us, walking a pit-bull type of dog on a leash long enough to allow for the potential of a confrontation. He gave me a big smile as a fellow dog owner and I recognized him as none other than Cesar Millan aka “The Dog Whisperer”. He obviously thought that I had our dog well under control while I was tempted to give him some advice on canine/owner etiquette.

Anyway, we passed through the lobby without incident and I later checked the internet for Cesars’s appearance schedule and concluded that he was simply visiting his home town of Mazatlan as he had nothing scheduled here at the present time.

We haven’t decided if we are going any further south but we do have to be home in early April so will plan things around that.


One thought on “Celebrity Sighting in Mazatlan — Dave & Gloria

  1. Glad you are having such a great time and have finally “found the warm”!
    If you do head further south let us know and we will try to hookup, somewhere around Puero Vallarta.
    Bill & Sharon

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