RV Insurance Part 2 — John & Mary-Ann

Well, I know my last posting was a bit of a downer, but the update should be happier reading.

Mary-Ann’s surgery went very well and her recovery has been tremendous. Foot surgery takes a long time to heal, but she is really doing well.

The trailer replacement saga is in the final stretch. The insurance company treated us very well and we just factory-ordered a brand new Arctic Fox 29-5K fiver with lots of goodies in it. The hardest part other than nervousness while working through the claim was that it was really hard to pin the insurance company down on specifics of what constitutes an “equivalent” trailer to our Titanium (which isn’t produced any more).

Well, in the end, if it was approximately the same length, with similar features it was okay. We got quotes for the Arctic Fox and a Cedar Creek. The Arctic Fox (which is the one we preferred) came in cheaper so that’s the one the insurance went for. We had no battles, just clarifications with the claims agent.

So, we will pick up the unit at Trailer Town in early May and start camping right away. We’ve already booked a rally with the Northwood (manufacturer) owners association in late June near the factory in Le Grande, Oregon.

So, learnings include:

  • Buy the replacement guarantee insurance. It can sure pay off!
  • Buy from a company that knows RVs and has insured them for years.
  • Be sure to save all receipts, including add-ons you purchase for your unit.
  • Don’t sweat it too much when you have to make a claim. We found Aviva Elite to be very fair.
  • Be patient. It can take a while to work through the claim.

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