Mexican Update — Sharon & Bill

Where does the time go? To think that we once had jobs and kids and other stuff to eat up the space!

Our “left turn” winter has been marvellous so far! Funky apartment with a resident gecko, great folks, new foods, and wonderful experiences.

We started off with a welcoming cocktail party on the roof patio, hosted by the owner, to introduce new guests to the old guard who winter here regularly.

Then Christmas dinner on the roof with its knock out view!

New Year’s Eve midnight fireworks — the Mexicans love their fireworks!

Parades and festivals? There is hardly a week goes by without one!

We did fit in some visitors on occasion. First Merle and Judy and friends here for a couple of weeks! Then Merle and Judy and John & Judi for a short visit during their Panama cruise!

The blessing of the fishing boats is a major event here, lasting some 10 days. Each morning starts off with cannon blasts around 4:30 or 5:00 A.M. Think window-rattling, bone-jarring loud!

Poor Cappy our poodle is now requiring regular therapy sessions!

Every seat in the large cathedral is filled every A.M. at six! That’s dedication!

Here we are now, entering Feb. with more festivals and parties to come and our time here is already half gone!

Life is good!

Sharon & Bill



3 thoughts on “Mexican Update — Sharon & Bill

  1. Found You. Your abdication of the cold winter style seems to have become permenant. If you slide around for a breath of fresh air in warmer weather, look me up. I’m not hard to find and would be happy to say hi! Rob

    • Hello old friend! Firstly how did you find us at this site?
      We are home in Okotoks around the 24th April!
      Describe “not hard to find”! Leave a number! or an address! I am very “low tech”!
      Great to hear from you!

  2. Hi Bill & Sharon
    We are pleased to hear you are embracing Mexico & it’s people, it’s the only way to enjoy the country to it’s fullest.
    Hugs Curtis & Verle

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