Hola de Mexico! — Bill & Sharon & Friends

In early February we got an Email from Elaine VandenBerg saying she was going to their place in La Penita for a short visit, accompanied by her friend Inez.

We arranged for a visit and Sharon and I hopped a bus for the hour trip from Bucerias.

The bus was nothing like the rattletraps that ply their trade between Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta! Air conditioned, movie, restroom and comfortable seats. Our bus was on its way to Tepic, so was absolutely full. They don’t announce where they are stopping so you have to keep a “heads up” for signs etc.

We did catch the town sign for La Penita and disembarked, address in hand! Elaine had mentioned that most of the cabbies would know where they were. Our luck being what it is landed us a new driver!  In our more than halting Espanol,we gave him the address. He did smile and say “Si” ! This of course means either A: He knows where it is! or: B: He had no idea what we were saying!

Once in the cab, we find he speaks fairly decent English and is delighted to practice. We also found that he really just had a vague idea about the address.

Some twists and turns through some questionable districts lead us eventually to Elaine’s complex.

Once there, we had a tour of their stunning location, on a tidal estuary, right near the beach, so bird pictures were in my future!

We walked back to town for a delicious lunch, while Elaine chatted with vendors along the way and arranged for needed things.

Inez and Elaine walked with us through downtown to the bus depot where another bus awaited us for the trip back to a  very spoiled, babysat poddle named Cappy!

Not much different than the Red Arrow from Calgary to Red Deer and back!

Life is good!


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