Mesa Rally 2013 — Carol D & Roger G

As in past years a happy bunch of Chapter 44 members and Guests gathered at Usery Mountain Park near Mesa, Arizona. Attendees came from above and below the 49th and from many locations in each nation. We were missing a number of “regular attenders” due to various other commitments.

Activities for the week included morning walks, crafts (thanks Barb P),  line dancing lessons (thanks Carol),  sharing RV Tech and Phone Apps. A first time (could become a regular?) Boat Race. Bet you did not know there was a lake right there in Usery!

We enjoyed front row seating at the Duttons musical show and a couple of our members were even up and coming stars of the show! No rally would be complete without lunch at Organ Stop Pizza.

One of the park Rangers came and talked to us one afternoon sharing lots of interesting information about this lovely park.

One extra piece of excitement this year involved the attack of a Saguaro on poor Don’s 5th wheel.  The whole top broke off the cactus and landed against the rig wrecking the awning and landing in a chair that Don had been sitting in not long before. Could have been a terrible event if the timing had been different.

Happy hours, great food and campfires with entertainment including movie night filled the evening hours.

By the time the guys prepared a great breakfast on Friday we all agreed it had been another successful Rally.

PS:  Oh yes, there was a baseball game but I have already forgotten who won. SIGH!

Many thanks to our wonderful hosts — Susie & Denny Orr, Liz & Roger Grant, Earlene & Jerry Bloomquist, and Barbara & Mike Pickering.
Thanks as well to Don Smith for providing popcorn for movie night, Barb Pickering for crafts, Denny Orr for Tech Talk, Carol Hill for line dancing, and Wendy & Brian Gulliford for the Boat Race. Earlene & Jerry Bloomquist hosted the Duttons’ event and we celebrated Denny’s birthday at Organ Stop Pizza.

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