Mesa Rally 2013 Pics — Judi & Merle

Ladies and gentlemen, launch your boats!

“Yes,” writes Judi, “there was this big BOAT RACE on a desert lake. The boats had to be within certain size guidelines and the object was to see who could make their boat (under its own steam or the wind power of the creator) to the other end of the ‘lake’.  I’m not too sure who the BIG winner was.  I was busy taking pictures and laughing at all the wind being generated to notice who was in the final. Guess everyone who participated was a winner for taking part.”

I wonder if a new tradition has been born?


2 thoughts on “Mesa Rally 2013 Pics — Judi & Merle

    • Yes, it sounds like it was a lot of fun. We are also heading back into the ice and snow, leaving early Friday morn bound for The Great White North.

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