A Home on Wings — Bill & Sharon

When we returned to Riverbend Park near Okotoks from Mexico in late April, we were greeted with a pleasant surprise.

Across the Sheep River from our site, a pair of Canada geese had taken up residence with a new nest. We watched them daily as they fended off other geese, ravens and crows. They took turns on the nest and the male flapped and hissed if people dared venture too close.

Sharon was busy on the long weekend as well, as there were many more people roving about. She too would run out and hiss and flap if people got too close, though in a nice friendly way of course.

Early Monday of the long weekend all was normal until around 11 AM when alas the nest was empty. We both suspected foul play, although on further investigation Sharon discovered a brand new brood of 6 chicks drying out on the gravel bar with proud parents keeping a watchful eye. They soon hopped onto the river to seek greener pastures.

Now a pair of robins are building a nest about a meter away from one of our windows!

Ya just can’t beat RVing in mother nature’s front yard!


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