Hand Hills Lake Stampede — Carol D

Just completed another item on the “never done that before” list.  Spent four days at the Hand Hills Lake Stampede.

Now some of you are asking, Where is that?  The rodeo grounds are located on the shores of Hand Hills Lake about 45 km east of Drumheller. It is a few miles past where the black top ends and since it had been raining the gravel road was quite muddy and my Beauty (motorhome) was VERY dirty by the time we arrived.

I was amazed at the number of RVs already there and they continued to pour in all weekend. Hundreds. $40 gets you all the rodeo you can watch, free dry camping, as well as Chariot races and Chuck wagons too. And then of course there was a trade show, lots of entertainment etc. A great weekend despite the weather.

By the time Beauty and I arrived back in Drumheller we really needed a truck wash and there is a great one — Oasis Car Wash on the north end of town (on Highway #9).  Lots of water and several loonies later Beauty was white again! Canadian Tire has a great FREE dump station too. And yes, I would do it again — first weekend in June next year for the 98th consecutive Hand Hills Lake Stampede.


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