June Rally 2013

The June rally is over and done, but the memories and the fun linger on. A big round of applause for the hosts  — Gail & Terry and Hoppy — for organizing such a wonderful week.

Many thanks to Curtis, Bill and Carol for the pics. And special thanks to Carol for the rally writeup. If you have pics or rally thoughts to share, send them along. (Click on a photo to see a larger version in slideshow format.)

The weather may have been cold and somewhat wet but Chapter 44 members did not seem to mind as we gathered at the Aberdeen Hall for the annual June Rally.

Hosts Barry (Hoppy), Gail and Terry did a great job of keeping everything on track.  Delicious Italian dinner on Monday evening got the eating off to a great start!

Tuesday afternoon we journeyed into town to torture the folks at the Lodge with our lack of singing skills!!  (We missed Sally a lot!)  As per usual Mel did a good job of entertaining us with Card Bingo that evening.

Wednesday saw many enjoying a round of golf or learning about how service dogs get trained. The sewing ladies continued each morning to create lovely dresses for little girls in Africa. What talented seamstresses we have in our midst. In total 43 new dresses were made and a number of pairs of shorts as well. Thanks Faye for transporting them to Bridges of Hope  for their trek to Africa.

As always a feast called Pot Luck was served on Wednesday evening.  Another spread the following evening called Hearty Munchies (cause I can’t spell that other word) was enjoyed by all.

We received an excellent presentation on RV fire safety and emergency exits as well as a refresher in first aid. Good information for all of us. Thanks Hoppy for arranging that with your daughter and son-in-law.

Evenings saw a number involved in rollicking card games and others enjoyed chilly campfires despite the mosquitos.

Thursday afternoon saw a new lesson in Heckling take place. Some refer to this time as the ball game but trust me “heckling” more accurately describes the event. And yes, the men won but had to pay a penalty for doing so. (Thanks Kay for your bravery!)   The Ladies have determined that the penalty should double with each future win.

As always the guys prepared a great hitch-up breakfast on Friday. Many thanks to all who made the week memorable.

Safe travels to all till we meet again down the road.


1 thought on “June Rally 2013

  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. Wish I could have been there.
    For those of you wandering around Alberta this year, I am hosting at 8 flags RV park in Milk River, stop in and say hi!


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