More from the June Rally 2013

The “Sew Little for So Much” group of women at the June rally spent hours measuring, cutting, sewing and trimming dresses and shorts for needy girls and boys in Africa.

Some of the sewing brigade

Arlene, Ann, Sheila, Judi and Marian.

Fay & John and Kay & Tony took in the latest collection of clothing to Bridges of Hope  in Lethbridge.

Handmade dresses

A sampling of dresses

“We took in 41 dresses, 14 pairs of shorts and 152 pairs of underpants,” writes Fay. “We have given a total of 102 dresses and 21 pairs of shorts to Bridges, and counting the US donation 132 dresses, 33 shorts and 152 underwear. 

“They were pleased, and mentioned that girls don’t go to school without underwear, and not all girls have some. Our donation will be greatly appreciated.”

John models one of the dresses

There was lots of laughter as John modelled some of the clothing.

Kay, Fay, Daniel, John & Tony

Kay, Fay, Daniel Zoupola, John and Tony

“Daniel Zoupola was raised in Burkina Faso in Africa,” writes Fay, “the 33rd child to a man who had several wives. His mother died and he and a sibling were starving when a missionary (or missionary agency) found him and because of that he was fed and educated. He came to Saskatchewan to further his education and became a pastor. His main interest is a school and orphanage which he has started in Burkina Faso. He has missionary teams go there several times a year and the clothing is sent with them.  The office is in Lethbridge, and that is where we took them.”


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