Hell or High Water — Bill & Sharon

Sharon & Bill were just two of the tens of thousands of people displaced by the unprecedented flooding in southern Alberta in late June this year. Unlike most, whose homes were not on wheels, they were able to take theirs with them when the order came to evacuate.

Well, Riverbend is getting better. The campground staff are working hard to reconstruct roads and sites! We have been out a month now and our site is near being habitable, and we are being encouraged by the owners to “come home”. We have been promised gravel when they can get it!

For the past month we have set our rig on a grassy lawn, complete with 30 amp power, soft water, a dump station 5 km away, and a view to die for! All rent-free to boot!

Why on earth would we even consider going back? Some of our Riverbend friends have given up and are moving on, not only on, but away from the RV lifestyle completely. Renting apartments in safer areas and putting their rigs up for sale!

Sharon and I are not ready for that yet! We are part of a community in Riverbend and most residents are busy cleaning up and making life liveable again. We are so much more fortunate than many as we still have our “house” intact and we can replace many of the things we lost off the lot and in the shed.

Our view will be a little different but still great, our neighbors will be different, hopefully great, and we can look forward to some old diehards returning who, just by nodding their heads as you drive by, make you part of a community.

We are in for a summer and fall of dust and diesel fumes, big machines and noise and chaos, yet we are going back. Six summers have put their mark on us, and that is where our hearts are!

Life is good!



4 thoughts on “Hell or High Water — Bill & Sharon

  1. Glad you are safe and content…What a terrible time for many Albertans. I was work camping at 8 flags campground in Milk River and many people came through here heading for what was left of their homes. We didn’t get any flooding here although the Milk did get a bit higher. But to the North, West and East of us many were affected. I have decided to make my summer home in Milk River, and have purchased a small mobile home on its own lot. Needs a bunch of fixing up but that will keep me out of trouble. Looks like other Albertans have decided this is a good place too, as last week four houses were sold to people from High River. It does have a lot of amenities that we retirees are looking for, hospital, library, old folks home, swimming pool, and Lethbridge and Shelby Mt are less than an hour away. Best part is, when heading south I am only 10 min from the border and on Hwy 15. If any of you are in the area, look me up.

    • Thanks for the update, Dottie. Sounds like big changes are happening in your life! Hope you enjoy your new abode (so much closer to Snowbird Country!)

  2. Looks like a massive job to me. However, home is where you feel welcome and comfortable.
    We are enduring day after day of rain here at Lac Des Isles. Seems that is the order of the day this season. So many down loading movies on Saturday that the owner of the park turned the WiFi off as the system was overloaded. So many families here with children. Hard to keep them amused in a wet campground. We are fortunate as ours are in their teens and they just carry on regardless of the rain.
    Cheers from Northern Cross. Verle & Curtis

  3. Pictures of the damage the flood left behind still boogle the mind. Bill and Sharon, you are lucky your home was on wheels and you are to be commended for returning to your chosen lifestyle. We, who live in the areas not at all affected, don’t realize what people like yourself and those with non – wheeled domociles, went through.

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