August Rally — Carol D

Chapter 44 sure knows how to host a rally! The annual summer get-together was another winner — many thanks to the hosts Judy & Merle and Judi & John, and to Carol (registration), Gord & Gerald (parking), Tony (chef du jour)and Hoppy and Stan & Beth and all the other wonderful volunteers. You make it happen!

It never fails to amaze me how fast a Rally week passes – one moment it is Monday and next thing you know it’s Friday and it’s all over!

We were pleased to welcome new members Ed & Julie and Evelyn.

The week was full of FOOD:  Host dinner (ham, scalloped potatoes, coleslaw and fresh corn on the cob plus ice cream; Pot Luck — WOW; Ice Cream Social with homemade Tarts; Finger Food Buffet (what a spread!); Hitch-up Breakfast (thanks guys);  plus happy hour goodies daily.

Events included a tour at the Lacombe Research Centre, RV demo thanks to Lacombe RV, Show and Shine – 11 lovely cars thanks to the Piston Poppers Antique Car Club.   Curtis ably led a Tech Talk.  Evenings saw us enjoying Card Bingo by Mel and campfires thanks to Gord and Merle.

Ladies created 72 dresses and 12 pairs of shorts for kids in Africa.

The Annual Meeting was lively.  We heard reports from all Officers and Committee Chairs etc.  New officers are Mary Ann as Secretary and Henry and Eva as VP and Wagon Masters.  Many thanks to John and Merle and Judy who filled those positions so well in the past.  A new position of Registrar was approved and filled by Carol.  This will centralize registrations for all events at

Another 75 pounds of pull tabs were collected this year!!   Our donations this year will go to STARS, Dresses for Africa panties, and Red Cross High River Flood Relief.

Lots of prizes were won.  Thanks to Lacombe RV who donated two chairs and a garbage can to the prize draws.

As always, the ladies outdid themselves in “dressing” for the hitch-up breakfast – which of course was cooked by the guys and served elegantly!

Thanks to our fearless leader Bill, a lively auction was held to close off the week.

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.



2 thoughts on “August Rally — Carol D

  1. Great Writeup Carol. I must say Mary-Ann and I enjoyed this rally very much. They are always great but this rally rocked!!

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