October Lunch — Carol D

For many of us this was our first trip to the Railcar at Mossleigh’s Aspen Crossing. Those who arrived early got to shop in the large gift store for any imaginable kind of treasures!! It was a lovely sunny day but alas the wind was blowing like a small hurricane across the prairie fields. Most of the harvest appears to be done and as a result lots of “B Train” trucks were on the highways.

Thirty-four of us including three guests sat down in the old dining car that was once John Diefenbaker’s office! One of the staff told us about how Aspen Crossing got started — as a tree farm —and how it has grown today to include a choice of dining venues that host dinner theatres all summer. They have a large RV park complete with cabins in restored old Cabooses. Very interesting place.

It was great to have Jan and Elaine and also Smokey and Elaine with us. Many thanks to Gerald and Arlene for organizing the great luncheon. Lots of discussions started with “so when are you headed south?” All the talk of places to go and see got my feet itching to get on the road again. Safe travels to all.

Thanks to Bill D for the pics.


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