Back to Alberta — Verle & Curtis

We are quite enjoying our home in Alberta. We returned three weeks ago from 5 weeks in Ontario, shopping for 5 days in Minot and the Small engine show in Estevan. Curtis was an exhibitor and Verle had a great time with these once-a-year friends.

Our intent was to stay in SK until the end of October but it was cold and we had already driven in a blizzard so it wasn’t hard to head west to J. The colors in the east were just fabulous. Had a great visit with both of my brothers, probably the last time for the youngest.

Now we are getting shots etc for January. Don’ t be sorry for us being in AB as by the end of January we will be basking in 35plus on the shores of the Indian Ocean. All tickets and reservations are in place so it is a go for sure. Not quite as costly as John and Judi’s space trip, but a close second.

Now to get through the Christmas with as little stress as possible. It looks like two as Clinton and Joan are home Nov 26 to Dec 18. The Vancouver family will not show until after Boxing Day. I guess that means three not two Christmas times. Oh well, this too will pass.

Greetings to all wherever you are. SKP hugs to all.


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