Sunny Arizona

Here in southern Arizona Gerry and I have been enjoying the summer we never had back in Alberta. Day after day of sunshine and, gosh, what is that? Is that actually heat? Yup, temps have been in the mid-to-high 20s C since we arrived several weeks ago. Gotta luv it.

We left home in the dark, with a full moon peaking between spruce trees and leafless poplar. Several days later we were hiking among saguaros and palo verdes. Talk about a time warp.

What is it about Snowbird Season? We seem to hit the ground running when we get south — after years of doing this, you’d think we might have slowed down a bit. Not yet, anyway.

We hike in the morning, then Gerry goes coffeeing (is that a word?) with some locals. They sit and sip and solve the world’s problems. (Guys, I’m here to tell you, your solutions ain’t workin’.) And of course he always has a project, or two, on the go.

I’m busy with an arts group — local and snowbird artists who produce some amazing work. It’s fun to be around such creative people. And all in a little desert town that most people have never heard of. (And that’s not a bad thing.)

The desert was quite green when we arrived back — so nice to see. There’s no precip in the forecast but we’re hoping for some good soaking rains this winter. Then come spring we should see the wildflowers. Paradise. 😉


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