A View from Bucerias — Bill & Sharon

This winter is a little different here than last. We already have had more rain than all of last season, and the weather has been unusually not, usually 30C by 9 AM.

This contributed to a very large “red tide” in Bahia de Banderas. The locals tell us that this phenomenon is not necessarily red nor tidal — it is, however, deadly to the marine life.

We walk about 3 km of beach each morning and in that stretch there were literally thousands of dead sea snakes, eels, small rays, crabs and puffer fish. It is an algal bloom that is both toxic and robs the water of oxygen so the sea creatures are either poisoned or suffocate.

It created a bit of a nosegay at the time however the higher tides with the full moon just past have washed most of it away. A bit of good luck for us in the our first week here.

There is a legend about the large Parota tree next door. It is reputed that a very large iguana resides there. However, many of the regular residents here at Casa Ana Ruth have never seen it, some in 10 years of coming here.

On day 3 of our arrival, low and behold, there he was, as big as life! Note the very large wattle under his chin. We were even more fortunate to glimpse his current mate, although she was more elusive to a picture.

The Revolution Day parade has just passed, smaller this year, though still a gathering of the young and old to celebrate their independence.

We hope everyone has a wonderful winter wherever you are and you stay hale and hearty.


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