Travels with Dave & Gloria

We didn’t get out of Calgary until after a couple of cold snaps in early November and we had a third storm biting at our heels as we headed south. We took a different route this winter as our first primary destination was to be San Francisco, which has been on Gloria’s bucket list for a long time.

We stayed in Cranbrook the first night and worked our way southwest. We spent a week in SF doing all the tourist things — Alcatraz, Haight-Ashbury (for the first time in my life, someone tried to sell me drugs on the street), Fisherman’s Wharf, and a couple of beaches.

After that, we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Barbara. Spectacular scenery but I didn’t see as much as Gloria because it’s probably the most technically challenging piece of highway I’ve ever driven with a big vehicle.

We are now camped in a State park overlooking the Pacific and on Wednesday are headed for Jojoba SKP Park till Christmas. Then we move up to Las Vegas where our 2 kids are meeting us to celebrate the holiday with a couple of shows and Christmas dinner.

2013-11-17 12.54.49

Then the plan is to spend a couple of weeks in Laughlin, then Blythe for the Bluegrass festival (Doug, hope to see you there) before heading for Quartzsite for the RV Show.

Then we may just head down the Baja and spend some quality beach time. Hope to run into a few Roamers at Q and possibly elsewhere. If not, have a safe and warm holiday season.


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