On the Desert

Busy days! We’ve been enjoying visitors this winter — the most recent are former Chapter 44 members Edith and Terry who stopped by for a couple of days on their way through from Tucson. Nice to see them again.

No trash-can turkey this year — but it was sort of cooked in a “can”. In this case an infrared cooker. Never heard of such a thing but the result was delicious. And of course when you do a potluck, there is always lots of food to sample.

Russ & Kay invited about 25 or 30 folks to share Thanksgiving with them in their lovely home. More than half of the guests were Albertans. (Did anybody stay home this winter?) The weather was balmy — mid-70sF so we could all eat outside on the various patios.

We had some great rain about a week ago — our little yard sale rain gauge clocked 3.4 inches over 2 days. A friend and I went walking on the desert in the rain for a couple of hours — absolutely lovely. Gerry thought we were crazy. He went to the Plaza for coffee but the roof leaked so he didn’t stay long. 😉


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