Winter Musings from Carol D

So you think it is cold down south??!!

Here is an Alberta winter update for all of you snowbirds. It is real winter in Alberta. Seems the snow never stops falling for long. The cold has been bone chilling most days but then along comes a Chinook — like yesterday — and all that snow on the roads softens up. You cannot maneuver through the ruts. Driving side streets almost requires a four wheel drive! Then everything freezes and it snows some more … Enough already!

January cannot get here fast enough for me. I plan to head down old I-5 as soon as the weather allows and hope to see some of you in Quartzite. Meeting Jerry A. and Doug P. there. Heard from Marlene and Larry — they are in Texas and will be Kentucky-bound in the new year, before returning to summer in Alberta. They send their greetings to all.

Registrations for the Mesa rally in March are creeping in. Lots of room yet so let me know if you are planning on attending. You know the drill!

Anyway I hope wherever you are that you will enjoy the holidays and be blessed with good health and safe travels in 2014.


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