Whiling Away the Winter

It’s hard to believe that we’re into the first week of February. Before you know it March will be knocking on the door. Winter sure has a way of disappearing before our eyes.

We’ve been enjoying lots of SKP visits recently — long-time Boomer friend Betty spent a couple of days with us on her way to Tucson. We hadn’t seen her in quite awhile so it was fun catching up. She and I had a lovely lunch and spent several hours browsing shops.

Roger & Liz arrived from Quartzsite and the five of us celebrated happy hour. Then we all enjoyed a Chapter 44 favourite — Hearty Munchies. 🙂

Liz, Roger & I went to the Plaza on Friday to listen to the Fiddlers’ concert — Don was also there. I’d seen his rig in town but hadn’t caught up to him for a visit. He and new boondockers Karen & Richard dropped by for a short visit one afternoon.

Yesterday, while visiting with Boomers Don & Robin at the local library, I ran into Carol there too. We hope to visit with her soon.

Click on any photo to see a slide show.


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