More Friends Come to Visit

It’s been a busy month for us on the desert ā€” lots of friends and family have stopped by to say hello and to share their winter adventures with us.

SKPs Marlene & Frank joined Cal & Nancy and Gerry & I for happy hour one day. Always fun to get together with a group of Escapees.

One morning Cal knocked on our door and said that water was gushing up out of the ground. Ooops. Not a good thing.

SeaBee Cal and Gerry were soon digging down to get at the problem. Turns out it was a very old piece of pipe that didn’t go anywhere but had burst apart and water was merrily running all over. Gerry removed the rusted pipe, added another end cap and all should be well. šŸ™‚

Another afternoon found Gerry & I sharing a visit with Chapter 44 folks Beth & Stan and Carol from Alberta ā€” we’re all glad to be here on the desert and not back in The Great White North. (A gorgeous desert spiny lizard also dropped by while we were visiting!)

That evening Carol, Beth, Stan and I went to hear a talk on jaguars and ocelots by naturalist Pinau Merlin ā€” she had great slides of these beautiful animals. Pinau is part of the research team studying these animals in southeast Arizona.

Hope everyone is enjoying these lovely spring days!

Click on any photo for a slide show.


2 thoughts on “More Friends Come to Visit

  1. It looks you have had an enjoyable southern winter, We are back in one piece and trying to adjust to the 80c temperature difference. After 79 yrs of looking south to see the sun & moon it took a little getting used to that the sun & moon were now to the north & Orion was upside down. Madagascar is a different world of many stories.
    Hugs Curtis & Verle

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