Desert Wanderings with Carol

Some of you may be able to relate!

I have been on the road now for nearly two months and must say after escaping Alberta winter I am not missing it but feel for those left behind in the cold and snow banks!  I really relate to the YouTube video produced by the Canadian Snowbird Association called Snow is a Four Letter Word.  If you have not seen it check it out! Very funny and so true.

Quartzsite was fun as was connecting with old friends and meeting new ones. Enjoyed the Blythe Bluegrass Festival thanks to Doug.

Moved on to Yuma and again enjoyed Bluegrass in the Park, teeth cleaning in Algodones, etc.

Enjoyed the best part of a month in the Ajo area – love the place. Boondocking south and west of Ajo in the beautiful deserted desert was a wonderful experience made better by sharing with good friends Jerry and Noel. Loved the silence, sunrises and sunsets. My principal job here was watering the bees! In seven days these thirsty critters drank eight gallons of water! Have no idea where they will be finding it now but I think they must have a swimming pool and waterfall back at the hive!

Thanks to Sally, I attended a great presentation in Ajo my last night on Ocelots and Jaguars in Arizona. Who knew!?!  Also got to see a spiny lizard right in Sally and Gerry’s patio. Cute little guy. I have always loved the desert bunnies. Lots of birds. Many things are blooming in the desert and I do enjoy the flowers too.

Now I am at Ro’ver’s Roost SKP park near Casa Grande enjoying the luxury of full hookups. Wow! After mostly boondocking it really seems amazing to realize how wasteful I am with electricity and water. (I do not have solar or a generator so conservation while boondocking takes on a new meaning!)

Slowly moving east. Looking forward to the March Rally. Hope to see many of you there. Remember to register. Still room for you.

Enjoy each day wherever you are.


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