Las Islas Marietas — Bill & Sharon

Last week we decided it was time to get some pics of the elusive Blue-footed Booby. (I know, I know we should get a life!).

So off to Punta de Mita by car to secure a panga, which is a small 24-30 ft. flat-bottomed boat. By driving to Punta Mita we save an hour boat trip from Bucerias, as the Marieta Islands are only about 15 minutes out from there. The flat-bottomed boat allowed us to poke and pry into the many grottos and caves of the islands. Our Captain was amazingly skillful, as often we were in water less than 1 meter deep.

What makes the the Blue-footed Booby intriguing Is that it’s only found in 3 places — the Galapagos and Marieta Islands and one small group of islands off Central America. They get their name from their awkward behavior on land and of course their blue feet. They are, however, graceful fliers and will dive from great heights to retrieve fish. They remind me a lot of penguins with their behavior on land.

On the way over we encountered a mother whale and her calf, and a group of dolphins, so an exciting start to the trek.

The Marietas are a birders’ paradise, with an abundance of sea bird species literally covering the islands.

Life is good!

Click on any photo for a slide show.

Click on these links for more info on the Marietas and the blue-footed booby.


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