Mesa Rally 2014 — Carol

Wasn’t that a rally!

It’s all over except for the memories but we had a great time at the 16th annual Mesa Rally. Many thanks to our hosts Larry and Sheila and Brian and Wendy for a job well done. As usual many other volunteers pitched in and helped with small jobs and thank you to them as well.

The week started on Sunday for some – Tuesday officially. We registered 39 people in 19 rigs — a few attendees came for day visits from town. Usery Park was truly lovely – very green and blooming.

The week’s events included a Boules game, several card games, several campfires, lunch at Organ Stop Pizza, crafts, walks, Ranger talk, visiting and catching up with old and new friends, and of course FOOD. Great food.

Rally 2015  is already in the works – March 16 to 20th – the week following the Tucson Escapade.  Hosts will be Carol, Dottie, Don and Ed and Julie.  Put us in your calendar.

Thanks to picture-takers Larry, Don, Becky and Carol. Click on any photo to see a slide show. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mesa Rally 2014 — Carol

  1. Great job, wonderful photo recap.! We truly miss being there, Usery is a magical place!! (we like it here also though!).
    Thanks all for your work and we will see you back soon in colder places!
    Life is good!

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