May Lunch 2014

Whoo-eee! More than 35 members from around the province arrived in High River last Wednesday for the first Chapter lunch of the year.

Alta Vita Ristorante, one of many businesses that were flooded out last June in the huge flood, is back in business in their old digs. It came as quite a shock when one of the staff said that where we were sitting had been under 4 feet of water.

The May lunch is always a noisy get-together as we all try to catch up on who’s been doing what and going where and what their plans are for the summer. We began our visiting out on the street, moved into the restaurant for lunch and then kept on chatting — and still we didn’t get to visit with everyone we’d hoped to.

We were delighted to welcome Nancy and Steve O’Bosky, two of our American members from California. They’re on their way to Alaska for the summer.

Click on any photo for a larger view or to see a slide show.

What’s up next? Why it’s the June rally, of course! Be sure to sign up for a spot. 🙂


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