June Rally 2014 — Carol D

17 RV’s gathered south of Stettler on June 16th 2014 for the Annual June Rally of Alberta Roamers. Our Hosts – Bryant and Marian McFarlane and Stan and Beth Weiss — did a great job of creating a fun week for everyone. The area was dry on our arrival and we succeeded in bringing them rain for three days of the week.   

Monday was of course a time to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones since we had the pleasure of welcoming three new (to us) couples to our midst.

Frank and Stella are SKPs who spend their winters at Benson, AZ. Glen and Joanne and Gary and Beth are newcomers to the Escapee Family. All were adopted and welcomed to our group. We were also pleased to welcome VCRs Steve and Lila who just happened to be passing through on their way to Alaska.

We enjoyed a lovely roast beef host dinner with homemade Rhubarb Crisp on Monday evening.

Tuesday morning saw sunshine and a number took in the Stettler Farmers Market before our afternoon field trip to the Stettler Museum — very impressive. We feasted again on roast beef leftovers for dinner.

Our sewing ladies created a bunch of new dresses for little girls in Africa. Wednesday the rains started so it was a great time for a virtual travel trip to Madagascar with Curtis and Verle.  

Potluck dinner as per usual was a feast of much variety. Mel led us through Card Bingo to pass the evening.  

Thursday morning the rain was still pouring down and I think many of us wondered about our planned trip to the Kempf Greenhouse south of Botha but off we went. What an amazing place and a wonderful welcoming couple who run this impressive operation which grows many kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers and even watermelon. She even fed us at the end of our tour and the rains stopped and sun came out. We stopped in Botha to view the replica of the Underwood Flying Machine which predates the Wright Brothers!

Hearty Hors D’oeuvres provided dinner. The Great Baseball Game took on an evening flair this rally but alas it did not help the women much. Cards rounded out the day for many.

Friday morning dawned bright and sunny and the guys cooked a great breakfast for the gals who appeared wearing headwear fashioned from the little girls dresses!!

Goodbyes were said and another great Rally ended with everyone heading out.


2 thoughts on “June Rally 2014 — Carol D

  1. Nice write up, Carol.
    It’s fun for us – down here in the Tucson heat – to follow y’all, up there in the Alberta cool –
    Happy Trails – Barb & Mike

  2. Reads like it was a great time as usual. Rain just doesn’t dampen our group very much! Sorry Sharon and I missed it!

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