Summertime with Larry and Sheila

We have had an interesting and busy summer here in southwestern Alberta, weather has been sunny and warm and not much wind which is unusual for this part of the province. We missed going to the June rally as we had other commitments but did take a 12 day road trip to Rosthern, Saskatchewan to attend a Geocaching Mega Event, Rosthern is approximately 40 km north of Saskatoon. 600 geocachers from all over Canada and a few from the U.S spent 4 days touring the area and attending a variety of events.

We did manage to place another 55 of our own geocaches in the Porcupine Hills just north of our home, the area is known for its beauty. I have attached a few photos that I took here as well as a few from Rosthern.

We attended the August rally at The Great Canadian Barn Dance in Hillspring. The highlight of that rally was the dinner and show that the Kunkel Family put on. We have known several members of the family for several years and it was a treat to see them perform.

The rest of the summer was spent finishing several projects around our home and property. At present we are remodeling one of our  building into a woodworking shop as our garage is just not large enough to work in properly.

As I look outside this morning and see the heavy wet snow coming down my thoughts are of Senator’s Wash LTVA near Yuma, AZ, only 5 weeks left before we will be heading south.








2 thoughts on “Summertime with Larry and Sheila

  1. Sounds like you have had a busy but enjoyable summer. Hope to see you in AZ. We plan to head west Nov 1. Safe travels…..and pray no more snow in AB till you get south.

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