August Rally-2014____Carol

The weather was grand as Chapter 44 Members came from far and wide to meet at the Great Canadian Barn Dance campground near Hill Spring, Alberta for the August 2014 Rally. Hosts Dianna and Pat Jousset and Carol-Leah and Bill Loran did a grand job of arranging all the details for a great week.

Several of us arrived Sunday evening with the rest arriving Monday. Guests Lyn and Roy Darling joined us on Tuesday evening.

The annual meeting of the Club was held Tuesday morning. For information on what happened at the meeting see the separate report. Many thanks to retiring President, Bill Denny and Treasurer, Ann Hills.

Members were free to take in surrounding sites in free time and various spots were visited by those who ventured out. The campground is lovely with its small lake and grass covered sites. We enjoyed power and water at each site!! While rustic the gathering pavilion served as a great spot for all group activities. To show our appreciation for his years as our fearless leader, Merle presented Bill with a golden handshake (looked a lot like yellow rubber gloves to some) a lovely watch (not gold just aluminum and it does not run which will make time stand still) and the severance 5 package was a bag of “small potatoes” since now Bill is just like all the rest of us!

Good laughs were had over Carol’s new “rounding” talent. Many things will now be “rounded up” including Card Bingo. Mel led us through those games and some double winners had to hire Brinks to see them home!!

Volunteers came forward to fill all the vacant spots on next year’s activities so the club is in good stead and many more fun events will follow.

I know there will be a separate report but this is too good not to gloat a bit. The Ladies WON the ball game – fair and square. WOW!

Donated door prizes were distributed to winning numbers. Thanks for the donations and congratulations to the winners. Tickets generated $100 – no rounding involved.

Thursday evening we journeyed around the lake to the Barn for a wonderful buffet dinner and musical show which was enjoyed by all. A very talented family indeed. The evening rounded out with a campfire.

In true tradition the guys served up a sumptuous breakfast on Friday. Ladies showed up impersonating one of the gentlemen – and did a mighty fine job I might add!

Leftovers were auctioned off and $70 (rounded up) was raised.

Goodbyes were said and Safe travels to all till we meet again.


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