October Luncheon-Roma Italian Restaurant

We left Cowley on Wednesday morning, October 8th to travel to Okotoks, Alberta to attend the October lunch. The trip up Highway #22, also know as “The Cowboy Trail” was spectacular with all the fall colors as well as seeing all the cattle on the hillsides.

After a two-hour drive we arrived in the parking lot of the restaurant and saw several Chapter 44 members standing around chatting, just too nice out to go inside. Once we decided to go into the restaurant we were met at the door by our hosts, John and Mary- Ann. By the time dinner was to be served a total of 25 were ready for some great Italian food. Price was reasonable and the portions were large, several doggie bags were seen leaving.

There was lots of room in the restaurant for us to mingle and catchup on all the latest news. We also found out that Curtis was celebrating his 39th(??) birthday.

Thanks to John and Mary-Ann for hosting this fine luncheon.


1 thought on “October Luncheon-Roma Italian Restaurant

  1. Thanks Larry, for quick posting and nice words. Hope everyone had a good meal and a good time. We are hosting next Oct. too and think we might just hold the lunch at the Roma again. FYI, it actually turned out to be 27 people at the lunch. Gorgeous fall weather for those who had to drive in so all in all, very successful day.

    John & Mary-Ann Bowerman

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