Quartzsite Happy Hour–2015

Each January the Escapee’s put on a Happy Hour in Quartzsite, AZ. It is held for 2 afternoons from 1 to 3pm. Happy Hour is usually time for drinks with your neighbors but here Happy Hour is about eating and visiting. There are several tables filed with a variety of food, it is supposed to be snack food but I am sure one could get a good meal. During this time in January many of the SKP’s Chapters and BOF’s hold rallies here so at Happy Hour there are huge numbers of people in attendance from all over the United States and Canada.

When we arrived the first people that we met were Mel and Ann. After chatting with them we moved on to see Roger and Liz. Next were Denny and Susie and then Mike and Barbara. There were so many people there it was difficult to see everyone. While checking out one of the food tables we ran into Don and then Roger. I know that we missed a bunch, heard that Bruce and Sue were there as well along with Steve and Lila.

We only went on Wednesday as we had other commitments on Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Quartzsite Happy Hour–2015

  1. We are still in Alberta. Our good friends from SK are here this week. watching curling, enjoying the odd scotch and many laughs.
    Looks as though Quartzsite was again a success.
    We head south on January 26 now that all the Christmas excitement is over and our son and daughter in law are safely back in Madagascar. They arrived yesterday but left here on Monday. Were a few glitches and lost luggage on the way.
    See many of you in Mesa. Hugs Verle & Curtis

  2. Thanks for posting the news & the pics, Larry … looks like everyone was having a good time! Sorry we missed you all. Hope to see some of you this winter when you come for a visit!

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