Mesa Rally-March 2015–Reported by Carol

46 great people gathered the week of March 16th to celebrate Chapter 44 at the Annual Mesa Rally, Usery Mountain Regional Park.

As always the week went by quickly.  It started with many arrivals on Sunday night.  An impromptu meal was shared by many.  Monday was registrations, meet and greet followed by Happy Hour and Host Dinner.  Campfire sing song followed, thanks to the musical talents of Ed.

Tuesday morning saw many participate in a workshop on phone Apps done by Becky.  Some learned the art of Kite flying thanks to Jerry.  Lunch included last night left overs!  The Baseball Game was won BY THE LADIES.  Thanks to Becky and Curtis for the group photo.   Tuesday evening pot luck was superb as always.   More camp fire and music before bed.

Wednesday the group made the annual trip to Organ Stop Pizza where we were joined by many more making our numbers swell to 70.  We were pleased to have Susi and Denny join us for lunch.    Ed led us in games in the afternoon and the evening saw a great presentation by our new friends Karen and Jack from Sky Med.  Great dinner followed hosted by Sky Med but Mother Nature showed us it can rain in the desert!  It poured down rain and the roof of the Ramada leaks badly!!!    A little damp and cold we were.

Thursday we had a good informative presentation by Ranger B on the Park and nature.   Hearty Munchies and Birthday Cake for John fed us well that evening.  Games followed for some.

Friday morning the guys outdid themselves with a great breakfast for the ladies.  The week was over and it was time to say goodbye again.

Attendance was 46 – half Canadians, half Yanks.  We had 14 visitors – all Escapees.   10 participants were “day timers” as they winter in Mesa.  Victor and Taree were our VCR’s and we also had Nathan and Cynthia who are VCR’s in training.

Hosts for the Rally were Ed and Julie, Don, Dottie and Carol.   We had fun and hope you did too.

Next year’s Rally is booked with the Park – March 13 to 19,  2016.  Mark your calendar and let us know if you can help out as we need Hosts as always.   Organ Stop Pizza is also booked for March 17th.


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