August 2016 20th Anniversary Rally at Lethbridge

Submitted by Carol Davis

52 of us enjoyed a wonderful 20th anniversary Rally in Lethbridge.  A great job was done by our Hosts, John and Faye, Henry and Eva and Stan and Beth. Everyone reported having a terrific time and the men won the baseball game for once.

Lost and Found at the Hall:    When everyone departed Faye reported that the following items were found:   manual can opener;  white mug with Bow Valley Park campgrounds printed in green on side;  opaque plastic large cereal bowl.  If these are yours let Faye know.

Missing for awhile now is the book that members used to sign when attending an event.  Please check your stuff to see if you might have it.

Decisions made:   A motion was passed at the annual meeting to request emergency contact phone number for each member.  This will be stored by the Registrar – not shared.   Please send your info by email to the registrar (Carol).   Also your Birthday if you want the club to have that info so you could be recognized someday.

Welcome to our new members Della, Melody, Don and Netta, and Denny and Susie.

Also from the AGM:   John V. was elected President, Carol as Treasurer / Registrar, Beth as Secretary for a one year term.  Henry and Eva remain as VP and Wagon Masters.

Volunteers came forward to host the June and August 2017 Rallies as well as the June 2018 Rally.   Watch for more info in the Newsletter and on the Web Site.

Remember that your 2017 membership dues are now due.  (Most of you are paid up.)


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